Tuesday, May 02, 2006

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K2K Koos, where did I get that from?

Simply, it refers to my other favourite synth, and its a digital one...(my apologies to analog purists out there).

It refers to the Kurzweil K2000 (K2K in short) , in my view still the only digital hardware synth out there that is nearly as flexible as a (semi)modular synth , due to it's fantastic VAST architecture. (okay including it's succesors K2500 2600, 2661, etc)
As I've managed to get others to spend money on a 'second hand' K2K, I suppose I should be branded as K2K Koos.
Mine is second hand too, but it is a fully spec'd K2000R, with 160MB diskdrive, 64MB ram, incl additional sampling board, so it makes it a K2000RS. E-bay is brilliant. :-)
Look forward to Kurzweil format MOTM samples in time :-)

More info see: www.Kurzweilmusicsystems.com


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