Saturday, May 28, 2011

End of a chapter

Well, as indicated , my MOTM was for sale, and it has now sold and found a new happy owner. This brings my MOTM usage to an end (for now). Never say never, it was a fantastic 'machine', I loved every minute of it, but unfortunately, a busy job etc did not give me enough time to play with it, and besides I needed to clear some credit cards etc (credit crunch had hit here too...), so it had to go. Perhaps, I'll pick it up in the future again. For now, that's it from me, but I'll leave this blog on line for a while.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My MOTM for sale

Personal circumstances, and the fact that I simply can't put as much time into my synth as I'd like, have forced me to decide to sell it.
You can find it on E-Bay at:

Happy bidding :-)


PS: It didn't sell in it's first week, so I've relisted it so those that may have missed it, have another chance, the new link to it is here:

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dutch Masters CD

A brilliant new CD has just been released, called 'The Dutch Masters'. It's a sampler, on which several dutch electronic musicians were invited to compose music to their favourite painting by a dutch master such as 'Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Pieck' etc.  A unique approach, that led to some great tracks. My friend Rene Splinter also has a track on the album called Tower of Babel. You can get the cd at, here's the promo video. Enjoy! TJ

Monday, December 06, 2010

MOTM backlog shrinking further.

Paul updates us on the status of the backlog and more.  Below is the latest on the backlog and more. TJ

a) I have a few extra MOTM-510 modules/panels/extra parts kits (not many, just a few) put into the cart.

b) Shane will have the MOTM-440 pc boards finished tomorrow. I need to make up a few kit shortages this week before I can ship kits out. I am going to finish this week a set of 420s/410s/490s so I can ship after I get my wisdom teeth out. Yes, it's always something here at the ranch.

c) I will clear out the repair backlog the week of the 27th. This is my "vacation" time (oh, really?) and this year it's allocated for repairs and getting ready for NAMM. I will be updating the website this week as well. I haven't touched it in over a year. But as the competitive landscape shifts  (shades of 1999! I need a mission statement!) I need to at least keep the site updated twice a year.

d) I will be shipping out that last week of December (usually I don't) because I am running behind 8 days now.

e) I have ordered the jacks to finish out the MOTM-650 pc boards already stuffed, they are quoting a 9-11 week lead time (and then, I will have 800 extra jacks.) There are 5 or 6 left in the cart. There is no deadline, except when they run out.

I'm working 6-12 hours/day on the backlog, doing as much as I possibly can. Please bear with me, you will get your stuff.

Paul S.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

MOTM-650 to be discontinued

 in a message from Paul Schreiber, the man behind Synthesis Technology, he confirms the MOTM-650 will be phased out. Below in his own words:

The MOTM-650 4ch MIDI-CV will be the 2nd retired module in 13 years, when the last 8 in the cart are sold.

I have run out of stuffed boards, jacks and panels. It is cost prohibitive to run more of this module based on the "sell rate"/maturity of the product.

The BLOWOUT price is $439ea ($60 off). The cart is updated. (, click ORDER tab, click MOTM Assembled modules tag).

In order to complete all 8, I have to get more jacks from Singatron, and they usually quote 7 week lead time. Also, due to Christmas/NAMM, these last 8 will not ship until Feb/March (based when the jacks get here, everything else is sitting here ready to go).

The '650 support will always be there: I have extra parts, CPUs, LCDs, etc for the next 20 years. Your investment is safe. After the 8 are sold, I will post up the schematics and the *binary* CPU code (NOT the source code, I do not have rights to it). If anyone wants a pre-programmed spare CPU (it's a 44-pin PLCC, in a socket) the cost is $12/free shipping. Email for details.

Also, in case you are wondering: no, I do not plan to "reissue" the '650. I may offer another MIDI-CV but it will NOT have dual arpeggiators or tuning tables. It would be stripped-down quite a bit. So again, the feature set of the '650 will still place it on the top of the pile (despite the issues in the current code). If there is another 5U MIDI-CV from me, it is at LEAST 6 months off, more likely 8-10. A MIDI-CV seems trivial at first until you start putting in all the expected features. It gets big quick! Jeff & Neil crammed every bit of RAM and Flash to get all those features in. Maybe someday they will release a V 1.4 for the '650 (you can update the firmware over MIDI using a Mac). But the hardware is costly (I just want to break even with these 8) and the sale rate is low.

Lastly: for those of you that bought a '650 in the last 90 days: email me and I'll refund you the new price difference.

Thanks to everyone for supporting my 'little hobby' for 12+ years. I am planning for 2011 already. Time to go solder!

Paul S.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

E340+E350 sounds by Robert Rich

It's been quite a while that I had anything to write here. Not much has happened in my own MOTM world, and it's been relatively quiet on the news and updates front too. Synth Tech is hard at work though, developing and bringing to production new future modules, and working away the backlog of orders.
Some of the new modules (in Euro rack format, and sometime in the future also in 5U format) are the E340 and E350, for which Robert Rich has made a few demos: Here the story as it is:

Here are 4 snippets of the E340 & E350 recorded by Robert Rich in rehearsal.
This upcoming tour info is here:

There are 4 synth tracks that are sequenced via Ableton Live. There is a
Korg Wavestation "pad", the other 3 are all MOTM voices as follows:

#1: E340 Cloud >> MOTM-440 VCF (P5 rev 2 type)
#2: E350 MT >> MOTM-480 VCF (CS-80 type)
#3: custom CS-80 VCO >> MOTM-490 Moog ladder VCF

Module information is here:

Paul S.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Update

Here is the latest news from SynthTech.

I will have lots of available MOTM time between now and April 5th.

a) All outstanding MOTM 2.0 orders (parts, rails, pc boards, etc) will ship by Wednesday.

b) I will alternate between kits and assembled modules for the next 2 weeks (then expect to do some Euro assembly towards the end of the month).

c) if you ordered a RR Edition E350: I will be sending emails out later this week/early next week to PayPal the balance and I will ship your module < 3 days after I receive the balance.

d) MOTM-995 .com power adapters are at the assembly house for wave soldering.

Paul S.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Update

Here is Paul Schreiber's latest info.

a) I have shipped all the kits orders I can, based on the kits I have built up. In order to *finish off* the kits, I need to make up the following

MOTM-190 (more, I already shipped 18 of them)

Based on my travel/work load, I won't be able to get these done until the end of March.

b) the week of March 15th is 'Spring Break' and I plan to catch up a LOT then on both the above kits and assembled modules. My Euro shipping is getting caught up (finally).

c) I have received the RR E350 Special Edition panels and will start to wire those up next weekend. The people that paid the deposit: I will send you an email when your module is *done* and expect the payment balance in < 4 days or the next in line gets it. It's going to *take a while* to do these, it's about 1 1/2 hours per module of handiwork. But they look cool.

d) semi-annual reminder: if you want tracking for your package, the shopping cart option is EMS Express. I *can* ship on Fed-Ex, especially if you already have a Fed-Ex account. Fed-Ex Ground (fully tracked in the US) is the *same price* as Priority Mail. It's 2X slower but trackable. I can also ship UPS but only for larger (over 15 pounds) packages because it's a pain.

If you want non-standard shipping, say so in the Comment box on the order form. Or email me.

And Happy Birthday to me, Feb. 15 was MOTM's 13th anniversary.

Paul S.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Impressive Electric Parade

John L Rice is at it again. Great stuff, listen and comment on his video!


Friday, February 05, 2010

E-350 being used by Robert Rich

Listen to this short intro All the background 'pads' are done using the E350 Morphing Terrarium. The complete track can be found on the upcoming CD from Robert Rich, coming out very soon.

Additional info on the E350 is here.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Special Edition E-350 shipping soon!

Paul Schreiber reports that a special Robert Rich Edition of the new Euro rack format E-350 module will be shipping towards the end of the month. Target date is January 25th. Order soon if you want this module as it is a limited edition module.

Other news:

"a) Not much will ship this week until Saturday.

b) I'm running short of PWR-20 cables (more on order), so some kits/assembled modules may ship with the longer PWR-30 cables.

c) I'm about to finish up the 320/310/410 kits, then will start on the 800/480/300 kits.

d) the last day to order kits is Jan 18th. After that, I am removing any unsold ones and that is that.

Paul S."


Monday, January 11, 2010

John L Rice on a roll Again!

No comment, you can do that on Youtube, I have. :-)



Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A pre holiday update

SOme good news for Euro rack lovers : The new modules are now available for pre order since Tuesday December 15th.
Here are the details:

a) MOTM E340 and E350 modules will be available from pre-ordering on Tuesday from (US) and Schneidersburo in Germany. Also possibly PostModular in the UK (check their site). Google is your friend. I will add direct links on the NEWS page when they post-up on Tuesday. These have MOTM 4-pin +-15V connectors installed and will work in a MOTM system.

b) I will spend all of this coming week shipping all that I can (kits and assembled modules, a few rails/parts). The *last* day I am shipping is this Friday (the 18th). I will ship maybe 1 or 2 days between the 19th and Jan. 6th. It's a holiday :)

c) Extra full MOTM kits will be placed into the shopping cart Monday Dec. the 28th at 6PM Texas time, if you don't see them after a browser refresh that means lunch at the in-laws were overtime, the new time will be 9PM Texas time. I work on these kits every day. I will have *all* of them shipped out by Jan 11th *unless* I run out of wire. It's going to be close on a few of them.

This year is no different than the last 11: I will work the 18hr days to ship all that I can. At least I won't be doing pc board layout on Christmas Eve (no NAMM). Which I did 4 times over the years :(

Paul S.

Time to fill those stockings! :-)


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

December Update

It's been a while since there was some note worthy update, but Paul and Co have not been sitting idle. Sorting out issues with Pot suppliers, working on eurorack modules and the backlog have been the name of the game until now. Here is the latest:

a) kits will begin shipping later this week. I won't have every module kitted but over 1/2 of them.

b) extra kits go on sale 10PM Texas time Monday Dec 28th. ( Ed: these are kits of the current model range going back into the online shop for a while, extra after holiday gift ideas perhaps?)

c) I will ship until Friday Dec. 18th, then start back up again around Dec 30th.

d) I'm doing all I can to ship as much as I can, to as many people as I can. I will respond to individual "where is my stuff" emails mid-week. I need to get the 2 Euro modules to the SMT assembly house as #1 priority the next few days, then I can 'relax' and get back to MOTM until they get sent to me around the 21st.

Paul S.


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Latest news from SynthTech

Straight from the man himself:


a) I will ship a few things tomorrow AM, but will not be able to again until the week of Nov. 9th. I am taking vacation that week in order to catch up and to get the Euro modules released to production. The code for both is now finalized and is entering beta testing. I think the HW is also done but need to run a few system-level tests first.

b) MOTM-960s will be out-of-stock (in reality, not shopping cart) until Nov. 16th.

c) MOTM-19A rails are out-of-stock (reality) until Nov. 9th.

d) The week of Nov. 9th will be focused on shipping remaining assembled backlog as much as I can. I will not have time to work on assembled backlog again until Dec. I am spending Thanksgiving week on kit backlog. December is looking very insane, as I need to get E340s/E350s to Analog Haven and still see what I can ship out for 'regular' backlog. I cannot possibly ship *everything* to *everybody*. By Dec 1st I will guess that only 5% of the *total* backlog will remain from where it was on Jan 1st of this year. But that means there will be some people without there modules for yet *another* year.

The upside (??!?) is that by the end of Jan. I expect to hit the milestone that has not happened in over 10 years: zero backlog (or maybe a few modules on order). Of course that in turn means zero income until orders arrive. So what will be the next (hopefully) order-driver? The MOTM-520/521/530s of course :)

But I will be frank: in order to continue with new 5U modules, I have to sell reasonable numbers of the 520/530. And by 'reasonable' I mean at least 40 of each one in the first 3 months. Remember: these are SMT modules (like the '650 and the '730) and when I put them into the cart, I will have sufficient pc boards built up to ship orders in < 4 weeks. If I am not travelling for my day job that may drop to < 1 week. The solder jockeys out there (you know who you are) will have to make due with not being able to DIY it but instead actually use it. Lastly, there are several people that have been waiting a VERY LONG TIME for all of their modules, and I *will not* put the new modules up for sale until every module is shipped to those folks. I want to start with a completely clean slate. Sometimes I think it's too late for that, but I hope enough of the ~ 700 people that have been MOTM customers will let me prove it next year. I would like to hit 10,000 MOTM 5U modules shipped one day. Let's of today I need another 1553 (that's shipped, BTW). I should hit module #8500 by Dec 31st. Paul S. There you have it, and just to refresh your memories: The 520 is the long awaited Cloudgenerator, the 521 is its expansion module, and the 530 is the module that is based on the upcoming E-350 , and has the wonderful name of "Morphing Terrarium" Once again: This is a wavetable VCO with 1024 base waveforms, stereo outputs, LFO range down to 1 cycle/18min, and voltage-controlled waveform morphing in 2 dimensions . Demos of the E350 are right here.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Quick Update

About 85% of the assembled backlog has been cleared, and efforts are being made to make sure everyone who is waiting for an order to arrive, will get at least something shipped before christmas.
In the meantime, development on an MOTM version of the E-350 is in full swing. One of the key differences is that it will have up to 8 wavetables, compared to the E's 3 sets.
The Euro modules of which the E-350 is one, are said to be slated for production around Nov 16th, with the modules becoming available hopefully before the holidays.
As mentioned previously, the Euro rack modules are a development to generate additional cash flow in the company, which will help fund the development of new "no-compromise" full size (5U) modules, as well as retooling some existing designs, now that some electronic parts are getting harder to come by, or available only in SMT technology. Additionally the euro format world gains some modules from a top manufacturer, with unique features not seen before in that format, or indeed anywhere else.
In any case, things are moving slowly forward at Synthesis Technology.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Euro rack Synth Tech module "Z-plane morphing"

In a departure from the usual proceedings at Synthesis Technology, there's another module in development that will be released in Euro rack first.
Paul tells us that this is basically to generate additional cashflow, in order to develop the more advanced versions in MOTM format, which have a longer R&D period. Getting the Euro and other formats on the market creates a bit of a buffer, and budget to retool some of the classic MOTM modules in the future too (some of them going to SMT in in time where possible).
Back to the E-350..

Here is strictly a *TEST* showing the E350's Z-Plane morphing function using control voltages. In this test, there are 3 banks of waves (NOT, repeat...NOT what will ship, these are place holders) that are morphed from one to the other using the front panel pot (so, a linear sweep).

Each bank is 64 waveforms. Right now, the interpolation has 64 "in-between' waveforms (it's like a cross-fade between adjacent wavetables). So, you are hearing 64 x 64 = 4096 *distinct* waveforms in the sweep.

The very end of the demo shows the aliasing noise for frequencies over ~3KHZ that occur. As you can hear, lower frequencies are extremely "smooth" and alias-free. The aliasing is due to the 256 byte samples (longer samples would alias at highter audio frequencies).


Sequence of audio is:

* starts out at min frequency, bank 3 minimum wave
* frequency increases somewhat
* upward sweep through all waves in bank 3
* increase frequency some more
* downward sweep through all waves in bank 3
* switch to bank 2
* upward sweep through all waves in bank 2
* switch to bank 1
* downward sweep through all waves in bank 1, ending up at pure saw
* sweep saw down to min
* sweep saw up to max - notice the aliases at top end

There are some fairly harsh waves in this set - some with nasty glitches in them. Not my fault!
We will contiue to work on the DSP code to make it sound as best we can. Also, the MP3 compression muddies up the sounds a bit.


About the future MOTM version, and how it differs from the E-350, Paul writes:
"There will be a 5U version but it will have more wavetables, better interpolation and cost more. No timetable for that, probably Q1 2010.
The rate at which the morph CV inputs (yes, there are different sorts of morph inputs) can be modulated will probably be fairly "low", say 400-600Hz. The 'Pitch' CV input can be modulated much higher, say 5KHz. There is a tradeoff between the update rate and the "smoothness" of the morphing. I am intentionally going for the cleanest, smoothest morphing possible within the constraints of the HW. Which in the E350, is really the SW. The MOTM version will have a large FPGA which is like a math co-processor in that the interpolations can all be done in real-time hardware.

Also, I am trying to keep the price of the module as low as I can (if one can associate me with the term 'low price'), which will be < $400 retail.

The wavetables cannot the field upgraded like a MiniWave. The wavetable data is part of the actual DSP code. Maybe I can make E351/352 versions with different sorts of wavetables. Again, we are spending *much* time and effort hand-tweaking every single data point in every table, so that you will not be able to tell this is a wavetable VCO at all. There are plenty of "glitchy" wavetable options available. This is sort of.....different."


Monday, September 21, 2009

New MOTM track

Hi all,

I've been noodling a bit again recently, and decided to create a cover of one of my favourite all synth tracks, which is Jean Michel Jarre's Arpegiator (Arpegiateur). The original can (only) be found on his 'Concerts In China' album.
I've used my MOTM mainly for the monophonic bass and arpegiated sounds on this track, complimented with some software synths and other poly synths.

As I have no other means of sharing it with you right now, it's currently posted on my myspace page, which is Project Aries. I've called the track the same, in french, Arpegiateur.
And while you are there, hope you enjoy my other works there too, I will update this track list in the next few months and replace some songs with some more recent work. :-)



MOTM user

Hi everyone:

I thought I'd show you an image of another MOTM modular under construction. (picture is copyright by
This one is owned by Michel Van Osenbruggen, a dutch synth musician and collector,whom I sometimes correspond with, and is better known as . It is housed in his massive underground studio. His site can be found by following this link , where you will find info on his music, his albums, and also video's and pictures of his studio and synth collection. Worth a visit, if only if you are a gear junkie :-)


Quick update

Paul reports the following:

I will have limited shipping dates until Oct 1st. I have stuffed pc boards to ship most assembled module orders in the backlog. I need a few more 300/320/480s and Shane will be on those between now and the end of the month. I will continue to work hard on these assembled module orders for the next 4 weeks. The total backlog is now at it's lowest point in *7 years* !

I am shipping tomorrow and then on the following Monday (the 28th).

Paul S.

BTW: This info can be found elsewhere (on the yahoo motm forum for instance) , but for those of you new to my blog, the reason for me reposting this info here, is so that the latest updates are easier to find, as oposed trying to find them on a forum, where you may have to filter through several messages, and to filter out non relevant stuff.
Simply a service from me. :-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

MOTM in action

I found this recently on youtube, and thought I'd share it with you, it's has bits of MOTM so it is worth to be put on this blog. :-)


Back log shrinking further.

Paul reports that Synthtech has reached the lowest number of orders in backlog since 2004, in his own words.

Today the number of pending orders in the backlog dropped to 85. This is the *lowest* number of orders I have had since May of 2004.

I know it sounds odd to be happy about not having as many orders as in the past. But I think this is a good thing :)

Paul S.

Indeed Paul, it is a good thing, and proves you and your team have been working very hard to reduce it!
If I am correct, it means also, that we'll could expect shorter lead times on future orders, you have more time to work on new stuff, and see the website updated more regularly. Hope I'm right on this prediction :-) .

Great work, and keep it up!


Tuesday, September 08, 2009


hooray, another 'mile stone'. I've passed 19000 visits. Onwards to 20.000 :-)

Oh and don't forget to visit my 'sponsors' :-)


Monday, September 07, 2009

Update, including Eurorack info!

a) Monday is a national holiday in the US, so no shipping until Tuesday.

b) There will be much MOTM activity the next 2 weeks. Kits will begin to ship on Thursday the 17th. It will probably take me 2 full weeks to ship every last one of them. **IMPORTANT NOTE** I will be modifying the instructions to cover the new BTI pots. Some kits will be as before, but some will have *only* BTI pots in them (no Spectrol, no Bourns). Where the blue Bourns pots once were, will be a BTI pot on a little pc board. You solder the pot on one end, and the 3 wires to the other.

The BTI pots have shafts that are 0.197 shorter, but the knobs will still be above the nuts. The 'feel' of these pots is very smooth, I personally think they are an improvement.

In October, any surplus Spectrol and Bourns pots will be offered up for sale REALLY CHEAP.

c) I am low on MOTM-19A rails, I will order more this week. I've been putting this off due to cash flow, but I can't wait much longer. I'm going to try a new vendor.

d) Info on the Euro modules (E340 and E350) is posted at Check the eurorack forums for the info.

e) I will be able to ship assembled '410s and '300s the next 2 weeks, and most likely MOTM-830s by the 20th. If you have a MOTM-480 on order, those are about 5-6 weeks away.

f) every MOTM 2.0 order in backlog will ship this week. I'm also going to ship all pending repairs this week.

Paul S.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Finally, I'm posting an update again.

Here is the latest news from Synthesis Technology, posted by Paul Schreiber.

I was able to ship some orders last week, but had to spend time on other things. I will ship some orders this Tuesday, and then again the following Tuesday (the 7th). The MOTM-410 cards are here from Shane, he is building 2/3rd of the remaining MOTM-300 pc boards on order. That is a tedious, time-consuming board, I expect to get them next weekend.

The next modules up for assembly are the MOTM-830 Mixers and the MOTM-940 patch panels.

Please note shipping in September from the 14th to the end of the month will be sporadic due to non-MOTM workload filling the pipeline. I also will be getting the E340 ready for shipment to dealers late Sept/early October. But before that happens, I plan to ship ~ 30 assembled modules out and most of the kits.

Thanks to everyone for waiting on me, I'm happy to be busy (the alternative is not so great) and continue to work on MOTM orders every spare chance I get .

Paul S.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A little progress

Finally, another post from me, be it a brief one.
My new job is taking more time (quality time) than I expected, besides there is still a lot for me to learn, taking up time I would otherwise spend on hobbies etc. I've also been gone on a holiday, which wasn't very synth orientated either (read none at all)
However, just a little update, the MOTM sounds download link has been removed, as it was hosted by Apple's dot mac, which they no longer support, and have changed the service to a mobile me, with which I already have a website running (for my wife's business), and currently can only host one. I'm looking into another option, and am contemplating to use youtube a bit more often, to at least show of my work, but if you know of a site where I could post mp3 or other samples etc free of charge, for others to download, let me know, and I'll refer to that site.

So that's the story at the moment. I'll try to keep this up a bit more regular in the future.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finally some synth fun :-)

Today I found some time to sit down and actually play my synths, a few of them that is.
It was one of those sessions where you just switch them on, tinker around a bit and to see if something useful or inspiring "jumps up" out of the depths of my head. I guess some of you will recognise that. Either it's a rhythm that inspires, a certain sound, or by playing around you suddenly find that catchy hook you've always wanted, and presto another platinum album is born! :-) (well the lucky few of us may have that on occasion at least..) MY session wasn't that productive, but I had fun, and I did find a nice new sound that inspired me , and will be using to compose a future track. The source, well the MOTM of course! :-)


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back home and a new post

Well, big changes ahead. I returned from work yesterday, and have a new job starting in 10 days from now, hopefully I can keep up with the MOTM community, and my own synth antics better from now on.
A few things of note coming from Synth Tech:

- The shipping backlog is getting smaller, will be at a 10 year low mid May, which got to be a good thing :-)
- The MOTM-730 competition is still on, so if you have one and have not yet entered, you still have a week!
- Owners of the MOTM-650 midi-cv, there are a few bugs in the unit still (mine occasionally freezes), but updates may be on the horizon finally. Paul hasn't mentioned any details, but says to stay tuned, and that should be encouraging.

2009 appears to be a year of change, Synth Tech's business is slowly turning to phase 2 (new modules, new mfg techniques, no more backlog), I'm starting a new job, and hope to be working on this blog more regularly than I have been able to in the past.

More soon.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sound on Sound magazine April 2009

For all of you interested in Modular synths, I recommend getting a copy of April 2009 issue of Sound on Sound, which runs a feature article on Modular Synths, including MOTM.

See the Sound on Sound website for more details.
The picture shows part of the 'Fat Bastard' synth owned by Lester Barnes.