Friday, September 04, 2009

Finally, I'm posting an update again.

Here is the latest news from Synthesis Technology, posted by Paul Schreiber.

I was able to ship some orders last week, but had to spend time on other things. I will ship some orders this Tuesday, and then again the following Tuesday (the 7th). The MOTM-410 cards are here from Shane, he is building 2/3rd of the remaining MOTM-300 pc boards on order. That is a tedious, time-consuming board, I expect to get them next weekend.

The next modules up for assembly are the MOTM-830 Mixers and the MOTM-940 patch panels.

Please note shipping in September from the 14th to the end of the month will be sporadic due to non-MOTM workload filling the pipeline. I also will be getting the E340 ready for shipment to dealers late Sept/early October. But before that happens, I plan to ship ~ 30 assembled modules out and most of the kits.

Thanks to everyone for waiting on me, I'm happy to be busy (the alternative is not so great) and continue to work on MOTM orders every spare chance I get .

Paul S.


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