Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finally some synth fun :-)

Today I found some time to sit down and actually play my synths, a few of them that is.
It was one of those sessions where you just switch them on, tinker around a bit and to see if something useful or inspiring "jumps up" out of the depths of my head. I guess some of you will recognise that. Either it's a rhythm that inspires, a certain sound, or by playing around you suddenly find that catchy hook you've always wanted, and presto another platinum album is born! :-) (well the lucky few of us may have that on occasion at least..) MY session wasn't that productive, but I had fun, and I did find a nice new sound that inspired me , and will be using to compose a future track. The source, well the MOTM of course! :-)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe try

I haven't used them but it seems like a lot of people on Muff's forum use the service.

Best of luck!

John L Rice

4:27 AM  
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