Monday, March 16, 2009

A hint of what's to come

Those of you navigating to the Synthtech website, may already have noticed it, but the player I mentioned in my last post is now alive on their site, as well with a few more hints of things to come. Looks like the website is about to get a decent overhaul. Paul Also reports that the backlog is getting smaller and smaller in regards to outstanding orders, and soon he'll be able to concentrate fully on the future of MOTM, and next up is the Cloud generator, the Euro rack derivative E340 VCO, and a 'surprise' frack rack module.

As for my own progress, I've replaced the backlight in my 01/W, and is as new now, ready for several more years of service.
Next I've also replaced the backlight of my Kurzweil K2000RS, which took only 20 minutes (it's a really accessible synth, a testament to it's good design, although the rack is probably easier than the KB version), compare that to the 01/W fd which took a few hours, simply because nearly everything needed to come out to access the display..So now it's hightime to continue with the modification of my MOTM-800 envelop generators. :-)



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