Monday, February 23, 2009

Return of the Robotmakers

It's been a while but Roger Pellegrini has been at it again, modular synths and of course an MOTM among it, have been usede to create this track, enjoy the video clip :-)

go here for the clip, it is also available in HD.

Roger writes: "Ever since the last Robotmakers clip ended up as a "featured video" on Youtube, I'd been plotting the follow-up. With the distractions of the financiapocalypse intervening, it's taken a very long time, but "Crush Kill Destroy" is finally done. There are some interesting synth bits:

- At 0:59 to 1:11, and 2:15 to 2:30, there's a synth line that's played without envelope generators or triggers. Instead, the VCA (and VCF) are controlled by the X-axis of a Novation RemoteSL xy pad. The Y-axis is vibrato. A footpedal through a MOTM pedal interface controls the rate of downward glide of a MOTM lag processor. It's a revelation how different it is to play this way - like driving a manual transmission car in London (for an American).

- Throughout there's a hammond-esque organ that's actually 4 synch'ed Moog921AB VCOs producing sine waves, sampled into Kontakt. The sound is then processed in Cubase with distortion and rotary vst plug-ins."



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