Thursday, February 19, 2009

Filter sweeps

Someone asked me recently what the difference between some MOTM filters was. I decided to record some filter sweeps with my 3 filter types that I have to show what they can do. Now these sweeps are at a low frequency only (saw wave of approx 50-60Hz) at the request of the person who asked for them.
I've driven a low saw wave from a single MOTM-300 VCO at approx 50-60Hz straight into the filter, then on to the output mixer, and recorded dry into Logic 8.
First is the 420: Sweeping with max resonance in LP mode, then near max resonance. Then switching to Notch doing the same, finally HP.
Second is the 440: First sweeping the filter in 'normal' LP mode as above, then with bass enhance switch ON.
Third is the MOTM 490, this one self oscillates at low resonance settings just under half scale, but the last sweeps are with resonance max on this one.
this filter has a slightly lower output level so it may sound a little less loud, but that's easily compensated in a real patch with VCA and mixer settings crancked up a bit of course :-)

You can find the file filtersweeps here at the download area. I also had a MP3 version, but this contained artifacts so I cancelled that, so this file is a bit big (approx 28MB). It's in AIF format, which can be played using Quicktime among others.



Blogger Jack Astro said...

w00t!! Thanks :)

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You're welcome. :-)

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