Sunday, February 15, 2009

MOTM-510 wavewarper

I have one of these modules, and so does John L Rice, who has posted the below video of a live Jam with the 510.
It demonstrates nicely that this module can help in creating some great cutting lead sounds, aside from all the chaos that you can get up to using this crazy module (the circuitboard has a printed warning that it could kill rodents and upset spouses etc :-) )



Update: When I asked John how he created this patch he replied:

There actually is NO filter used at all! Basically it’s just sine waves from two MOTM-300’s into X and Y and then a pulse from a third MOTM-300 into Z. Then the Sine and Triangle from a MOTM-320 LFO go into the X and Y offset inputs and a sine from a MOTM-380 LFO goes into the Z offset (I processed this LFO though a DotCom Q125 module so it wasn’t so ‘wide’ of a modulation) The output of the MOTM-510 just goes to a MOTM-190 and the COTK C1680 delay. All of the knobs on the 510 are cranked pretty much all the way up and the selector switch is set to unity.


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