Thursday, February 12, 2009

very basic free running patch

Just something I've started experimenting with, considering the limited size of my modular synth, is the possibility of using the modules I have so far, to create a free running patch of some sort.
Here is a simple example of one of my first ones: to download go here and choose free running

I've used two independent LFO's each outputting a square wave, feeding to an ADSR each. The ADSR in turn controls a Filter each,and a VCA (via a multiple to split the output of the ADSR to two destinations). One filter has white noise as input, the other filter a patch of two VCO's , resulting in a bass note, and a percussive sound. Unfortunately it is very hard to sync the two lfo's exactly to create a patch that sounds rhytmically correct, but it was fun to do :-)



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