Friday, February 06, 2009

Oakley MOTM modules

As some of you may be aware, Oakley MOTM format modules are made by Paul Darlow of Krisp1 Modular construction.
They seem to be doing very well, and have been reported to be a reliable vendor and the quality of their work is said to be very good.
This is why I have added their link to this blog on the right.
Their site is well laid out and offers the same "Zen Commerce" order layout as SynthTech does, which has been a very reliable and safe method of purchasing items.
What would make their site complete is to add the descriptions of the various Oakley modules on their site, instead of referring to the Oakley site, but perhaps they will do that. It seems to me is that the focus is on building stock on modules, to be able to deliver fast. I've taken the plunge and ordered two modules of them, to experience first hand how their service is, and more important the quality of their modules. I've ordered a ADSR/VCA and a Multimix module (both 1U wide), both useful modules that will add functionality to my synth.
Once I receive them (they were in stock and are said to ship within 2 days) I will report on this.

If anyone reading this has personal experiences on Oakley modules, let me know or comment on this article, so we can all read about it.



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