Thursday, February 05, 2009

Synth of Doom

Sorry for the long absence once again, January didn't give me much time to do much of anything due to several short trips and much needed DIY jobs around the house.
However, I've made some progress on my MOTM-490 filter PCB, finished all except the wiring, and then the front panel, so I think one more soldering session will see that through.
In the mean time, David Abbey forwarded me a picture of his studio, as he is now the proud owner of a "Synth of Doom" cabinet, bought from Dave Bradley (aka Stooge Moe).
It's a beautiful but big cabinet, and does a synthesizer like the MOTM justice, anyway see picture, and judge for your self.
For more on the original Synth of Doom, see the link to the right.



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