Monday, October 13, 2008

Updated update

Only a few days after the last update from Synthtech, Paul updates us on the status of among others, the 650.

a) Happy to say the new MOTM-650 MIDI-CV boards check out OK (by 'new', this is the second SMT run of the board set). I will add the module to the cart. For those of you waiting for back order: I can ship this month. For those wanting to buy one, I can also ship this month :) They are pretty quick to build up, I can do 5 a day no problem and I need the $$$.

b) Sad to say, about out of CEM ICs. I am hoping that at some later date I can get more to sell. A few folks here are waiting for ICs, I do have them and will send them out ASAP. Much MOTM R&D funding was paid for via these IC sales. I hope to sell some MOTM-650/730s to fund more stuff.

c) Once I ship the '650 backlog, I will finish up the kits. I originally planned to have all the kits shipped by Oct 1st, now it's going to be more like Dec 1st.

d) I am currently out of MOTM-940 front panels, but will order more soon.

e) I will finish up 10ea MOTM-1485s (all that is left is final testing/pack/ship) this week and ship to Analogue Haven.

Paul S.



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