Monday, September 22, 2008

MOTM update:

Hardly a week has gone past, and Paul releases another update on the MOTM status, read below:

"a) Analogue Haven has some MOTM-1800 Frac EGs in stock (will be getting more ~ 15 days) and I will ship them some MOTM-1485s by Thursday.

b) I still have a lot of kits and some MOTM 2.0 orders left to ship. I will be able to ship quite a lot the next 4 days. Probably 30 kits or so.

c) I am due the assembled MOTM-650 pc boards on Thursday. So, I will be able to start shipping those Oct 1st. with the current V1.3 code. Still no word on a V1.4, Jeffrey is aware of what needs to be done.

d) Now that all previous sheet metal orders are in-house, I will be able to order the 'straggler' panels to finish off all the module orders, and to 'bring back' all of the modules but the '510. If I decide to redo the '510, it's going to be DSP-based anyway because those ICs are $10 versus $54 for the current part.

e) leftover kits: there is a *chance* that when all the backlog is shipped, there will be a few kits left over. These are due to orders being cancelled, and I just went ahead and made them anyway :) If so, I will load them into the cart and send out a notice to the group.

Paul S."

It was mentioned before, but from the above you can conclude that the MOTM-510 Wavewarper is discontinued for the moment, and may be re-issued sometime in the future as a DSP based module, probably vastly enhanced too, still I'm glad I got one of the last batch of analog based 510's.
Now I only need to wait for my MOTM-490 and 3rd MOTM-800 to ship, in the next few weeks perhaps?



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