Monday, September 08, 2008

Synth tech update

There seems to be some movement on kits and other shipment, Paul has been working very hard to catch up with the backlog, and it looks like the end is in sight (the backlog that is, not that of SynthTech of course :-) )

Here is his latest update:

a) kits have been shipping steadily every day this week. I am taking 2 days "off" to work on Frac modules, then will resume the kits on Wednesday. I am making up 820/830/490/390 kits this week. The 300/310/480 will follow in the middle of the month. This is a LOT of time-consuming work, but I am upbeat that these are FINALLY out the door.

b) I am out of MOTM-19A rails but expect a shipment of 50pr by Friday.

c) I am out of MOTM-940 panels, ordering more tomorrow. I still need to order 700/380/890 panels will do that ~ 10 days. These will be the last 3 kits to ship out.

d) I'm also catching up on assembled modules, my part-time tech Shane is assisting me. Together we have to build 21 (!) MOTM-300s, 10 MOTM-440s 12 MOTM-800s and a few more others here and there. It's going to take us into November to get all of these out. This is why I am delaying the 520/521 a bit, in order to gave the time available for backorder completion.

e) My SMT assembler is backed up with his #1 customer (military encrypted radios) and I don't expect to see the MOTM-650s CPU boards back to me until the 22nd. He is then moving to a larger building, this will take 1 week to set up the machines and get going again. So, the last week of Sept I will send over the MOTM-730 boards (I should have 60 front panels delivered by then as well).

If you have not got a 'happy email' yet about your kits, it won't be much longer.

Paul S.



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