Monday, September 01, 2008

MOTM Flute Patch

This time , courtesy of Kenneth Elhart, found on the MOTM users group, comes a patch sheet for a FLUTE , using motm modules, but would work for any other modular with similar modules used of course.
A lag processor is incorporated, to overcome "stepping " when used with some midi controllers.
He writes: "Years ago when I first hooked up a Midi breath controller to the MOTM, I had a similar problem. All the stepping came through into the sound. I made a point to be sure to let others know that you need to smooth it out with a lag processor (as Paul S. pointed out). You can see the 820 lag processor in the upper right of on this patch sheet:"

If you have checked out demo's on the Synttech website, you may have found how the above patch actually sounds, but if not, check out this link.

Hope you find this useful. click on the picture for a larger version :-)



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