Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Analog Bees

As reported before I've taken up the challenge and re-create Flight of the Bumblebees on my MOTM synth.
I've started this last night and it is quite tricky. My MOTM is not duo phonic or even polyphonic, but monophonic, so all parts that contain chords etc, need to be taken apart and I have to make multiple recordings of these parts, first of the root notes, then seconds/thirds etc, until I end up with the complete chord structure. It's quite tricky but fun to do.
I'm experimenting with it, and I've not quite decided what type of sounds I want to create to do this, either weird and wacky synth sounds, or trying to make re-creations of real instruments. I had a fairly decent brass sound yesterday, considering the limited modules I have, I'd need additional ADSR's and VCA's etc to be able to add some realistic 'breath' to it, but as it is, it's not that bad.
Anyway, I will not post any of these recordings until I'm satisfied, but I will keep the results of several stages, for you to compare once the final version is ready :-)



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