Thursday, July 17, 2008

2nd VCO finished :-)

It took a while, but then again, building a synth shouldn't be a speed contest. My second VCO is finished. Here it is being calibrated (getting the 1V/Oct perfect, and the sine shape adjusted), visible just behind the rest of the synth. I had to put it there due to the length of the power cable that comes with it.
On the second picture, it is nesting comfortable with the other modules, above my first VCO, and my submux MOTM-120 has temporary been removed. This is my prototype case, build in a hurry to give the modules a bit of a home, I'm going to build a new case that allows for more space so that the submux, my wavewarper (still to be build), and my 3rd ADSR and ladderfilter VCF (still being shipped to me) can find a place on the 3rd and final (?) row...
Click on the pictures for a larger version, I apologize for the quality as it was made with my mobile phone.
If you're curious what I'm going to put in the 3rd row: This will be: MOTM-510, MOTM-120, MOTM-800, MOTM-490, leaving me 4 single spaces, which I haven't quite decided on , but I'm almost certain that this involves more modulation options, so definitely a LFO, and I also find the upcoming 730 very interesting, but I have plenty time to ponder on those decisions..

As for this blog, I've added some direct links to great YouTube synthesizer content, not strictly MOTM, just synths, because I enjoy them, and hope you do too.



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