Monday, July 14, 2008

MOTM 730 demo's on line

Paul has updated the synthtech site with some patches made with the up and coming MOTM 730, including one made and used by Robert Rich on his new album Electric Ladder.

Go to:

Scroll down to the MOTM-730 section, the demos are listed along with some production information. The demos show the divider being used "normally' (to use a master clock to trigger multiple EGs, which then gate the voices through the VCAs) and as a "tone generator" a la Hammond organ (input a high frequency, generate multiples below and mix together externally).

The last demo is the introduction to Robert Rich's 'Electric Ladder' CD. The divider sequence begins at the 2:00 mark and continues to the end of the snippet. This portion is overdudded 3 times and if you listen carefully you can hear the 3 sets of voices being triggered at the 3 different clock rates. And just for grins, this piece is in JI tuning via the MOTM-650 MIDI-CV. This recording was done with the breadboard :)

Here are some direct links to the demos (T J ):

730 long seq
730 Tones arp
Electric Ladder Robert Rich , 730 starts at the 2.00 mark
Comments welcome.

By the way, the first patch is made as follows:

The dual arps go to the VCOs and the VCOs to the VCFs and the VCFs to the VCAs with the events triggered "in 730 time per divisor output" by the 730 pulses instead of the gates from the arpegiators
The '650 uses internal clock at 92BPM,. The GATE out then is connected to the CLK IN of the '730. The outputs of the '730
drive individual MOTM-800s EGs. Dual arpeggiators are used, one is going up/down and the other random.

Paul S.



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