Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rendering of the MOTM-730 VC pulse divider

Synth tech recently published the design of the MOTM -730 .
Paul writes:
Here is an illustration of what the front panel of the MOTM-730 VC Pulse Divider will look like.

The big version can be found by clicking here.

Thanks to Ken Tkacs for helping with the Corel Draw artwork. I hope Dave Bradley can get well (been sick several days), he is working on a detailed rendering that will look more realistic. Ken's is for the actual silkscreen used to make the front panels from my AutoCAD drawing (which in turn was greatly assisted by Tim Servo).

There is a 'bug' in the drawing, the DIVIDE switch is in the wrong position for what the display is, that's my fault (didn't catch that until just now).

I should have a production sample for Robert Rich to torture-test on July 3rd.

Some additional info:
The STEPPED output is an 8-level rising sawtooth (starting at 0V and going positive). The 4/O/5 switch is the step size. It is not calibrated, but "close enough for rock". The 2 prototypes were within 4mv of 'correct'. You can always use a FM attenuator to 'dial in' if you want.

Production/delivery in late August. Just doing all the CAD work now and handed off, still concentrating on getting the backlog shipped. I made quite a dent this week, shipped 17 orders and finished the MOTM-420 kits. Next up: MOTM-190s.

Paul S.

Looks great Paul!



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