Thursday, May 22, 2008

Latest update

Paul reports the following on the MOTM front

I will finish up this weekend the parts inventory and having everything on order for the kits and assembled backlog. I will also receive MOTM-910 pc boards so I can finish up that backlog (and have over 25 ready for immediate shipment). I will also send off the wave-soldered MIDI-CV boards to the CEM and get those in process. I am behind with the SMT inventory/ordering because I was waiting for the VC Divider to get done (it's at pcb fab) and also CG/CGX final schematics (digital all done, need to finish up analog).

I am about to run a set of all the Frac modules through SMT and the MOTM-650 CPU cards after that. So, I have A LOT of SMT parts to keep track of. I am taking most of next week off to do this very thing (SMT parts inventory/ordering). I want to have everything in place to have a smooth roll-out for the VC Divider. After I get the parts ordered, I will get the CAD drawings done for the front panel and send that off. It is 85% done already, just have to tweak a few holes and get the Corel artwork generated(that is a pain).



Blogger Jack Astro said...


I have been looking forward to getting a 650. Can't wait to start playing with microtonality and alternate intonation.

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