Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Update and apologies

To start with the apologies: I have not updated this blog in several weeks. My wife has started her own business, and I've been very busy doing a lot of DIY at her salon, so that she could open up for business last week. Hence I've not had any time to work on my synth or blog. In the hurry, I also completely forgot to take my kits with me on my travels, and yes I am traveling again, so I won't be soldering for a while either.. My apologies for the long absence..
What I can do however is blog. So first off, here is the latest from Synth Tech:

Things will pick up dramatically in MOTM-land after this week. My business travel will be put on hold for almost 3 weeks. I will be able to start shipping and working on kits and assembled modules. I'm sorry things have dragged here in March/April but I knew this was coming and not much I can do about it.

On a positive note, I have all the parts placed on the MOTM-730 VC divider CPU board and now I can load in the netlist and start routing away :) I am hoping I can keep it to 4 layers but it is quite dense and will not be surprised if it is 6-layer like the '650 turned out (it is difficult to get +-15V routed all over and still have room for all the signals). On boards of this nature I hand-route all of the analog signals and auto-route all the digital ones and the +5V power/ground connections. The auto-router is blazing fast, I expect that the digital signals (about 100 of them) will route in < 1 minute.

Paul S.



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