Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cloud Generator Expansion module (CGX)

It's raining updates on the progress of the development of both the upcoming MOTM-520 Cloud Generator, as well as it's companion (expander/expansion) module.

Here is a picture of the actual LCD being tested, as well as a full spec list of the CGX.

* Processor is an ARM 32-bit Atmel AT91SAM7S64, running around 48Mhz. 64K Flash, 16K RAM. In comparison, the MOTM-650 uses an 8-bit 8051 type with 32K Flash, 1K RAM and runs at 2Mhz.

* 6 24-detent rotary encoders (ALPS EC12E2420801, available from Mouser)

* 1ea Crystalfontz CFAH2004A-YTI-JP LCD, reverse, 4 lines x 20char

* the knobs are custom Rogan double-shot "soft touch" with white endcaps, ~0.75 diameter. The ALPS encoders have a 'D' shaft.

* 1ea USB 'B' type jack (runs low speed USB 1.1). If the CGX needs a firmware update, there is a jumper setting on the rear pc board, and new code can be flashed in.

* 3ea NKK JF15 series tact switches, ENTER (blue) and PG UP/PG DWN (grey or green, have not decided). These are larger than the MOTM-650 NKK switches.
They are ~ 0.68" square and have a nice 'click' to them.

* 5 Expansion jacks, comprising:

CHAOS CV OUT - user defined DC voltage that is 'mapped' to one particular ChaosEngine element. So it's a wiggley voltage :)
PATCH SEL IN - when a jack is inserted, a negative voltage reduces the current patch # and a positive voltage increases the current patch #. -5V will be mapped to Patch #1, and +5V will be Patch #16 and intermediate voltages mapped accordingly.
AUX CV IN - a user defined CV input that can modulate a CG parameter, ie it has the same effect as 'turning the encoder knob' of that parameter. Mapped to -5V is minimum, +5V maximum, intermediate voltages mapped accordingly.

3U wide module.

Paul S.



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