Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cloudgenerator, expander, and Midi CV

Here the latest updates on MOTM from Paul Schreiber:

a) I will have all the parts in for the next run of MOTM-650s shortly and will have the pc boards 'run' through stuffing by early May. I will then ship the remaining backlog (about 6 units) and put more into the cart for purchase. This is not a high priority right now.

b) I added a (blurry) shot of the CG panel (and here are the audio demos, too) to: click here

Briefly, the CG is a digital/analog hybrid module that has 16 VCOs. The VCOs share a common 1V/Oct input. You can detune the VCOs relative to each other (the SPREAD) over a NARROW/WIDE range. In addition, the VCOs can be internall/externally modulated. Internally, there is a random modultion source (CHAOS) whish is a group of bandpass filtered noise generators.

As a group, the VCOs can output 4 waveforms (all 16 output the *same* waveform): sine and pulse (on the CG) and saw and triangle (on the CGX). PWM input is provided. This is a 2U wide module.

The CGX is the programmer for the CG (and also allows the 2 additional VCO outputs). The CGX has a 4line x 20char LCD display and 6 rotary encoders. There are ~ 46 CG 'parameters' that can be programmed to adjust the behavour of the CG (how the CHAOS acts, how the VCOs detune, etc). The CGX has 16 presets slots you can over-write (it will ship with 4 examples, the other 12 are copies of the factory default). There is a USB port for allowing patch dumping/saving when that software is available. This is a 3U wide module.

Both modules will REQUIRE the MOTM-950 or equivalent power supply (6pin header, needs +5V).

One CGX can connect to 1 CG via short ribbon, the 2 units need to be adjacent to each other in the cabinet (have not done the work to see which is on the left).

Paul S.



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