Friday, March 07, 2008

MOTM 480

On the MOTM forum, a lively discussion about the MOTM 480 module has been taking place. I've been reading this along, and some even posted sound clips. Here is one of the posts by user " Loop cycle" , including a sound clip.

"I'm still learning the 480, but it definitely changes character depending on the input signal amplitude, just as the 440 does. Because it has two outputs, one of them can easily be patched back into an input for feedback tweakiness.
(Reminder to self: mult the 440 output and feed it back to itself, and compare the character with the 480.) I made a one-pass recording with three voices, the third voice (which comes in somewhere around 2:30) uses the 480--its the voice with the pingpong delay. I fly in feedback during the recording. Maybe this will give you just a little hint of the character of the 480, although its pretty low in the mix.

[I really need to do another pass at this patch, but here it is:]

Click here to go to the Sound clip.



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