Wednesday, July 02, 2008

SynthTech website update

Paul reports:

In the past week I had 4 emails from folks assuming I was no longer in business because my website was old and stale as a piece of bread behind the fridge.

So, please visit and start with the NEWS page, then click over to the New Stuff page (link on the side tab).

BTW: somehow I killed the formatting midway down the page. If one of you HTML experts can grab the source and correct this and email it back to me I would be grateful.

BTW#2: I have not powered it up yet, I have been bouncing around all day between the CGX schematic, the web site updates and various other things.
Will fire it up tomorrow and verify the new CPU board and code is OK.

Paul S.

I guess, there was some truth in the e-mails received, but then again, Paul is concentrating on shipping and development, not webhosting. For that matter, I guess that due to the slow updates of the Synthtech website, my posting of MOTM news has some validity :-)
In short some of the new modules in the pipe line are:
MOTM-450 Fixed filter bank
MOTM-730 (see below)
MOTM-520 Cloud generator
MOTM-600 micro sequencer



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