Monday, July 21, 2008

Bees and Cases

Weird title? Well it's because this is a bit of a mixed post. Let's start with the second, cases:
You may remember my previous posts on my choice of case design, which was suposed to take the shape of the beautiful VCS3, similar to those of Dave Fulton of "Dwellers at the Treshold".
However, due to my limited space I will have to put that idea on hold for a while, and instead go for a straight rectangular design.
I don't have depth nor width available, so all I can do is go up, and therefore it will be a 19" wide shape for now, of 3 tiers high.
Enough for a total of 15 2U modules.
I've made a drawing and have asked a friend who is a lot better at woodwork than myself, to build it for me. Hopefully he'll accept the 'work order', and I'll report back about this in due time.
Which brings me to Bees. Recently I stumbled across a video of a world record attempt of fast guitar playing, and the song used was Flight of the bumblebee. I told my friend Rene of Studio 35D about this, and one thing led to another, I have landed myself with the challenge of recreating Flight of the Bumblebee, using nothing else but my MOTM synth.... (me and my big mouth)
Inspired by Wendy Carlos' Switched on Bach, I guess I have to accept, but it will take me plenty of time, (especially since I will be going on a 2 week holiday next week first)... So that's another thing I will be reporting back on, wish me luck....



Anonymous Studio35D said...

Haha, the challenge of the Bumblebees. That sounds like a good title.
I'm sure you can do it. And if you don't, maybe I'll do it. I'd then call it probably "The Flight of the Bumblewave".

8:12 PM  
Blogger K2K Koos said...

So I guess you will be using nothing but the Waldorf MicroWave in your case Rene?

This could turn into a competition, each making our on rendition, and the competition could be called Buzz of the Beezz :-)

8:13 AM  

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