Friday, July 18, 2008

MOTM Noodling

Hi all, below you'll find a link to my download site, where you can find a file that contains a little bit of MOTM noodling that I did last night with the second VCO up and running. (It's the file on the top left )
It's not intended to be any kind of song, just using the build in arpegiator of the MOTM-650, with a little delay and reverb added for flavouring.
It's pretty straight forward. VCO1 is a saw, VCO2 is a Pulse that is PWM'ed with an LFO. I play a little with the cut off and resonance of the filter, as well as the ADSR's of both the VCF and the VCA.
I also detune the second VCO at some point to proof that these are two VCO's indeed, and not two outputs of the same VCO.
Towards the end I go up several octaves and down to show how great the 1V/OCT tracking is when set up properly, they follow exactly, and is a tribute to the stability and precision of the MOTM-300 VCO design.

Go here to download the file.



Anonymous Doug said...

Sounds great! It could be a sort of ambient song, don't sell it short!

8:27 AM  
Blogger K2K Koos said...

Thanks, I guess I need a little more structure and take out the 'experiments' before I can base this for a song though :-)

6:59 AM  

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