Saturday, September 20, 2008

NEW MOTM 730 demo by Mike Marsh

Mike Marsh has created a new demo using the prototype MOTM-730. As you may know production versions of this new MOTM design are on the way, the front panels for the first batch have been received by Synthtech, the wait is for the SMT circuit boards to arrive back from the assembler.
Mike writes:
" Hey All : There's a new demo I did with the 730 in the Files Section (ed: of the Yahoo MOTM users group) (730 Demo a1.mp3). Basically used the 101 S&H output through a MiniWave for quantization, then sent that to 5 oscillators. The LFO controlling the rate of the S&H also went to the 730 and the /2, /2, 3, /4, /5 outs of that went to control EGs which in turn went into various filters and also VCAs.
Toward the end you'll hear something else come in: I sent the square out of one of the oscillators to an Oakley VC Phaser and used the Stepped out of the 730 to control the phaser's LFO.

Enjoy! Mike."

Here is a direct link to download it : MOTM 730 demo Mike Marsh.



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