Monday, September 15, 2008

Yet another update

Paul is keeping busy, and has the following update to report:

"Hurricane worries are over (except all my family down in Houston without power, may be 2 weeks until restored).

a) finished MOTM-820 and MOTM-830 kitting, will make up 1 more (MOTM-490s) then start shipping kits again.

b) also will ship 10ea MOTM-1800 Frac EGs to AH by Tuesday and 10ea MOTM-1485 VCFs by Friday.

c) I got in 50pr of MOTM-19A mounting rails, so there are a few orders I was holding up until they arrived that will ship this week.

d) still no MOTM-650s, waiting for assembler.

e) Supplier is shipping the front panels for the MOTM-730 VC Divider tomorrow, so all that I will lack there is (again) the SMT stuffer to run my boards. But that will be in early October after they move and set back up.

f) I am redesigning the MOTM-1300 Frac VCO this week and the plan it to have them in stock at AH in late October. I'm going through a bit of cost reduction/fewer manual operations to keep the final cost as low as possible.

g) I'm also going to order the remaining sheet metal now that all the current orders are shipped.

I'm busy as ever, by the end of this week another 40 or kits will be shipped out. Then I will start on the 4 'big ones': 300, 310, 480, 320s.

Paul S."

So there you have the latest, hope you are one of the lucky ones receiving orders soon :-) I'm still waiting for a 800 and a 490 myself. Keeping an eye on my mailbox to look for that all revealing Happy E-Mail....



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