Friday, October 10, 2008

Latest update

Latest update from SynthTech

a) the MOTM-650 MIDI-CV boards arrived today from the assembly house. I have not tested any yet, will do so over the weekend. If they are built right, then I will have all the MIDI-CV modules on backorder shipped this month. I think there are 12 on order. They will still be V1.3 of the firmware.

b) I have been travelling all week, so not much has shipped. I have ~ 12 MOTM 2.0 orders to ship, and to finish up 10ea MOTM-1485s (they are 90% done). I am about out of CEM ICs so those orders will go away (sigh.....) and I will get back to kitting.

c) Shane the tech has built up 10ea MOTM-440 pc boards, next up the 2 of us have to build 22 (gulp!) MOTM-300 VCOs (10 are going to 1 customer).

So there is still much to do and to ship. I plan to have all the MOTM-730 parts kitted up and sent off to assembly by the end of the month.

Paul S.


Blogger Jack Astro said...

Yayz. I have been anxiously awaiting my 650. So much awesomeness.

10:16 PM  

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