Friday, September 26, 2008

Firewire audio interface

In the past I've reported that I tried to order a Focusrite Saffire interface, to be able to record in a higher quality as currently the case. That purchase didn't work out as the company I bought it from went bust, but at least I got my money back through the creditcard company. I've now ordered another interface, and I changed to a TC Electronic Konnekt 6 desktop Firewire interface.
Why the change? I don't need as many inputs as the Focusrite offered, but the Focusrite was at the time the best sounding interface for the budget in my view. The TC electronic Konnekt has stolen that crown recently by a small margin , and has a nicer cleaner design, with sufficient inputs for my use, hence the change, it's even cheaper than the Saffire, so that money can go towards another module in the future :-)


UPDATE: UPS just rang the door bell, and it's here, great little compact unit, and feels really sturdy :-)


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