Monday, October 06, 2008

All about screwing

Fellow MOTM'er John L Rice can't get enough of screwing, he reports on his quest for nice fitting screws to "mount "his modules (pun intended :-) ) He reports:
"I started looking around for alternatives and fell in love with socket head cap screws. They look more industrial/aggressive than the standard Philips screws to me.(and sort of like a cross between a little jack and a little knob) So at first I tried alternating black alloy and stainless steel and while that looked pretty cool, there wasn't a much of a visual difference between the two. Then I picked up some blue and red anodized aluminum screws and tried a setup where I alternated the colors every time a module changed. Really easy to see module separation but . . . it wasn't 'me'. I also tried same colored screws per module type which I liked a little better but still not what I wanted.
So finally I discovered CHROME PLATED screws and I'm a happy camper now!
If you want to do this too, I got the chrome screws from (talk to Chris at extension 109). It cost $66 for 100 8-32 3/8" socket head cap screws. Compared to what the standard MOTM screws cost they are really expensive but, I think it's worth it! ;-)"

See picture of his new love :-)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

heh, yeah . . . I don't get out much! ;-)

John L Rice

7:07 PM  

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