Sunday, December 14, 2008

Update , the run up to Christmas

It's the hectic december months, trying to get things done before Christmas hits, and lot's of businesses close for the holidays, and it's affecting all of us in different ways. Below is what Synth tech will be doing leading up to, and after the christmas holidays. in the meantime, I've received shipment confirmation plus the PDF files of the instruction manuals of my upcoming modules , a 3rd ADSR and my MOTM-490 Moog ladder filter.

a) I am able to ship Monday but will not be able to ship again until Friday. Monday the 22nd is my final ship day of the year. I will not ship again until the week of Jan. 5th. This does not mean I am not working on MOTM stuff, it just means I'm not going to be shipping.

b) I am sending the MOTM-730 VC Divider CPU cards to SMT assembly on Monday.
I expect to have 100 boards stuffed by Jan. 8th. I will begin shipping orders the week of Jan. 19th. (assuming all is well).

c) I have MOTM-940 panels in stock, I will be working on the '940 backlog right after Christmas. I changed the hole sizes slightly in order to speed up the assembly process. I also have MOTM-380 Quad LFO panels on order and will place MOTM-700 panels on order the week of Jan 5th.

d) Shane the tech starts tomorrow on assembly of assembled MOTM-510s. I expect to ship all '510 orders the week of Jan. 12th. I am 1 week behind on getting him the parts.

e) I am out of MOTM-000 breadboards but 50 are due in the 22nd. I am also out of MOTM-960s but 75 more pc boards are due this Friday and I will send them to wave solder on Jan. 5th (they can do these pretty quickly). I have plenty of MOTM-990s, though.

As seems to happen every December, I 'run out of days' to allow me to ship as much as I want to. On the 22nd I will probably ship around 40 kits out, hopefully more. I cannot ship MOTM-300s as the pc boards all went to assembled units and the next order will not arrive until the 29th. But 300/310s kits are my #1 priority after the Christmas "break".

Paul S.


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