Monday, October 20, 2008

small Update

Paul updates us on the latest:

"I am working on assembled modules all of this week. The upcoming weekend, I will make the MOTM-490 kits, finish the '830 kits and try to have the '310 kits ready to ship by the 31st. Analog Haven how has all the MOTM Frac models in stock. I am also kitting up the '730 parts to ship off to the SMT house so that these can ship by the Thanksgiving. Remember, they are 'in the cart' and if ordered by credit card, I won't charge it until the day of shipment.

The MOTM 2.0 orders are all shipped but 4, I will try to get those out Monday.

Lastly: if you are in the CA bay area, Robert Rich will be at the "AH California" gathering on Sat. the 25th. I *think* it's in Menlo Park, someone on the list help me out here :)
He will have VC Divider production prototype (I hand-built it, but it's all "correct").

Paul S."

There you go :-)



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