Thursday, October 16, 2008

MOTM on Video games

Perhaps some of the visitors of this blog, own a Playstation or XBox or play their games on another console/PC.
If you don't own or never heard an MOTM, here's an alternative:
Listen to the sound track of some big games, like World of Warcraft, Doom, and a few others by EA, and/or Blizzard.
One of the sound designers there is Russel Brower. Paul Schreiber writes:

"Russell Brower has done great MOTM work at Blizzard. If you play WoW, most of the wind/rain effects are all MOTM. His best MOTM work is the game soundtrack for "Black Hawk Down" (Hans Zimmer did the movie). Here is my favorite cut,
which is like a duduk (

favorite cut.

I hope StarCraft 2 is less 'orchestial' like Wow and more MOTM.

BTW: the first game soundtrack with MOTM was Ureal II, and there are probably 12 titles out there with some MOTM content (EA Canada has a mid-sized MOTM in their studio).

Paul S."

So go back to your games and have a listen :-)
Let the MOTM spotting commence, and if you discover more, be sure to share it!


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