Friday, February 06, 2009

MOTM-730 news

It's almost shipping, Paul updates us on the status of this new module, out VERY soon now :-)

He writes:
"Received the first set of 15 MOTM-730 VC Divider production boards.

Every function checks out 100%!

There other 85 CPU boards will arrive ~ 1 week. I will be able next week to ship the first 15 orders in the backlog for the '730. I will type up a Owner's Manual this weekend, and I will post the *binary* firmware files for the 2 PIC processors (one is in a socket the other soldered into the board). The socketed IC is the main CPU divide engine, the smaller soldered IC just drives the display. The PICs are OTP (one-time programmable) so a dedicated programmer is needed to replace them if one dies and I'm not available for a replacement :)

I do not expect these PICs to die anytime in the next 10 years or so.

The measured power supply current is:

+5V @ 75ma (no outputs driving). Add 4ma/driven (patched) output.
+15V @ 16ma
-15V @ 14ma

The outputs are 0 to +5V square waves for the dividers, and an analog 'stepped' sawtooth wave that steps in 4th/octaves/5ths.

All divider outputs can be used simultaneously, as long as your supply can handle it. A MOTM-950 supply can handle 5 '730s, driving ALL the outputs from all 5 as well as a MOTM-650.

Paul S."

There you have it, exciting times, especially for those of you who have one on order, which sadly, doesn't yet include me :-(



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