Saturday, February 07, 2009

MOTM 730 contest

It's not even shipping yet (but very soon) and Synth Tech is announcing a contest.
The rules are simple: Paul writes: "
a) if you haven't already, order a MOTM-730 VC Pulse Divider!

b) patch it up into your (mostly...ahem....) MOTM modular

c) record audio and/or video.

d) send it to me by March 20th. Would like some sort of patch diagram/text description so other folks can try it out.

e) Winner (I get to pick) gets $200. So, your MOTM-730 is at a 50% discount :) Second place gets $100.
Looking mostly for unique/clever applications of all the module's features: variable dividing, stepped CV out, etc.

I have *lots* of these I can ship rather quickly, the joys of robotic SMT assembly and pcb-mounted jacks/switches/pots. I expect all of these currently on order to ship by next Saturday.

Paul S."

Hope to see lots of these 730's in action soon.
I'm firstly adding some more 'basic' modules to my modular, before I go further and order something like the 730 myself, I have a couple items on order as you know, and after that, I'm thinking of getting some more LFO's before I consider the basics 'complete' and then we'll move on to more 'fun' stuff like this :-)


P.S.: Picture is an image of the prototype unit.


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