Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stooge cables available

Some decent patch cables are available again, Jeff Laity writes:

"I convinced my company to create 1/4" cables as an accessory for our instrument trainers. Little did they know it was all a ploy to get Stooge Cables for my modular. :D

These are 4-foot translucent red Rapco cable, made by Rapco in the USA. They use Neutrik 1/4" jacks. Here's a shot of them in action, a HDR photo so zoom in :-)

Cables in action

Sorry, only in red and only 4' lengths. Chop them in half and solder new jacks to make 2' cables. We're selling them online for $15 each but I convinced them to allow a bulk order of 10 cables for $100 (33% off). These are nice quality cables and hard to find so check them out.

store link

Enjoy, -jl "



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