Sunday, March 01, 2009

Another Synth

Yes I know this is an MOTM blog, but I just wanted to report on my latest synth. I went on E-bay, just browsing around and found a Korg 01/W FD on offer. I've always liked this workstation synth, because of it's sonic character, and the elaborate pads and whooses it can produce, it's quite a reasonable alternative to the Korg Wavestation, but less the vector control and a few other tid bits. So I bid on it, only once, and not expecting to win it at all, but low and behold I did, for a mere £137,- I am now the owner of a 01/W FD in pretty good condition. It doesn't have a resonance filter and only a LPF filter, but it has a waveshaping synthesis which is quite interesting and different sounding from my other synth, so I look forward to put this thing to good use in my future musical projects, besides it also offers reasonable master keyboard functions so it's a great synth to control the MOTM with, but more on that another time.
For more on the 01/W FD go here.



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