Monday, September 07, 2009

Update, including Eurorack info!

a) Monday is a national holiday in the US, so no shipping until Tuesday.

b) There will be much MOTM activity the next 2 weeks. Kits will begin to ship on Thursday the 17th. It will probably take me 2 full weeks to ship every last one of them. **IMPORTANT NOTE** I will be modifying the instructions to cover the new BTI pots. Some kits will be as before, but some will have *only* BTI pots in them (no Spectrol, no Bourns). Where the blue Bourns pots once were, will be a BTI pot on a little pc board. You solder the pot on one end, and the 3 wires to the other.

The BTI pots have shafts that are 0.197 shorter, but the knobs will still be above the nuts. The 'feel' of these pots is very smooth, I personally think they are an improvement.

In October, any surplus Spectrol and Bourns pots will be offered up for sale REALLY CHEAP.

c) I am low on MOTM-19A rails, I will order more this week. I've been putting this off due to cash flow, but I can't wait much longer. I'm going to try a new vendor.

d) Info on the Euro modules (E340 and E350) is posted at Check the eurorack forums for the info.

e) I will be able to ship assembled '410s and '300s the next 2 weeks, and most likely MOTM-830s by the 20th. If you have a MOTM-480 on order, those are about 5-6 weeks away.

f) every MOTM 2.0 order in backlog will ship this week. I'm also going to ship all pending repairs this week.

Paul S.


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