Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Links and more

It's not often I add a new link to to my website. It's just that I want to keep the blog a little negotiable, that's all.
However, I have recently been browsing another synth site, and found it very interesting. I'm sure that you fellow synth enthusiasts (and you must be, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this blog), will enjoy it too. Please see my side bar, it's called

There is some great footage available there too from my friend at Studio 35D, old footage, from the days that synth music making was predominantly analog, but with a little bit of digital technology thrown in for good measure. Alternatively, go directly to his site, also to be found in the same side bar, not new there, but I thought just to remind you :-)

K2K Koos (aka T J )

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

MOTM news

Here is the latest update from Paul Schreiber at Synthtech, looks like we are heading for an exciting new product range soon!

The next 2 weeks will be a huge amount of MOTM activity/shipping. I am finally to a point where I can make a serious dent in the backlog. This goes for everything: parts, kits and assembled modules. I will have 11 days in a row devoted entirely to MOTM (DDC is in factory summer shutdown). Also, I will be getting every other Friday off until September, which means that much more MOTM time. I'm pretty excited to get this behind me and being able to come out with *new* stuff.

Speaking of new stuff: on Sept. 9th in Oakland CA there will be a gathering of analog synth geeks at the 21Grand club from like 10AM to 5PM. I will be there, and I will have new goodies to show. I will attempt to drag Robert Rich along as well. I am buying prototype parts this week & development tools for something I am calling the LiteEngine. You can ponder that for a bit, hopefully in 4-5 weeks I will have more info. I also will have my engineering prototype of the Cloud Generator (85% functionality) there to listen to. I plan to have a *production ready * LiteEngine there as well (some parts have a long lead time from overseas, so if the unit is in fact ready, I suspect shipping in early Nov).

I am about to move to order numbers up to #350 in the backlog, possibly more as time permits. The goal is to have the backlog <60 modules by July 10th. I'm stocking up on Dr. Pepper and parts, ready to start cranking!

Paul S.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I'm back. I've been on holiday to Turkey. Hence my absence here. it was fun, and if you still are planning a holiday and do not know where to go, try Turkey, more specifically, Dalyan. it's a small town in the south. It's not bursting with night clubs and loud bars, (go to Marmaris for that, not far from Dalyan), Instead it is a nice relatively quiet town, with loads of restaurants, and very close to a beautiful beach, (you can go there by boat or bus), ancient Tombs and loads more. Plenty of tours and trips to take are on offer.
Anyway, back to the music. I've opened up a Myspace account, to showcase some of my music. I started by posting one track that has my MOTM in the bass line. You may have heard it already, on my download page, but on myspace is is available for download. Please leave me a comment if you do so :-)
Find me at Project Aries .

Oh, one more Celebrity can be added to the MOTM user list, The Chemical Brothers have invested in some MOTM gear, and love the MOTM-440 VCF!