Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I'm back. I've been on holiday to Turkey. Hence my absence here. it was fun, and if you still are planning a holiday and do not know where to go, try Turkey, more specifically, Dalyan. it's a small town in the south. It's not bursting with night clubs and loud bars, (go to Marmaris for that, not far from Dalyan), Instead it is a nice relatively quiet town, with loads of restaurants, and very close to a beautiful beach, (you can go there by boat or bus), ancient Tombs and loads more. Plenty of tours and trips to take are on offer.
Anyway, back to the music. I've opened up a Myspace account, to showcase some of my music. I started by posting one track that has my MOTM in the bass line. You may have heard it already, on my download page, but on myspace is is available for download. Please leave me a comment if you do so :-)
Find me at Project Aries .

Oh, one more Celebrity can be added to the MOTM user list, The Chemical Brothers have invested in some MOTM gear, and love the MOTM-440 VCF!


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