Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My progress

not going too well in short :-)

As you may remember, I'm still waiting for a few modules, a 300 VCO, a 510 wavewarper, and a 910 patch panel.

They haven't arrived yet, while they were ordered last Autumn during the sales. As said before, I'm not in a great hurry, but I am in particular hoping that the VCO will arrive soonish.
The VCO will enable me to create fatter patches, using slightly detuned oscillators you can create that warm big / wide sound. I also haven't yet tried the SYNC capability of the VCO, which I'd like to try. Also a duo phonic patch is something I would like to try out. In short, it has my preference.
The wavewarper will be a tool to create new sounds and distorted effects, and the patchpanel is a very practical panel that can split and distribute signals, creating more flexibility.

Anyway, one of the reasons is the below message from Paul.

I am a bit behind schedule in shipping orders 1-100 out and some MOTM 2.0 stuff

a) 250 3-pot Stooge brackets will arrive here June 15th
b) If the 248J pot sample looks OK, I will order 500 of them Monday, with an expected 14 week lead time
c) I am about done making up all of the back-ordered MOTM-510 kits!
d) I'm going to be tied up with 'real work' until June 18th, there will be time slots available for me to ship and work on my #1 issue: VCO kit backlog. I have also tried to ship ALL CEM IC orders, if I missed you drop me a line. I expect shipping to be about every 4 days or so.

Paul S.

So there you have it, but I have patched a little bit, and enjoy every minute of it.
I've now slowly started the construction of a short track, made with the MOTM exlusively, although I may decide to use a software plug in for drum sounds, but otherwise all parts will be the MOTM as it is right now. Stay tuned.


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