Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More MOTM news

Here is the latest report from Paul Schreiber:


There will not be any MOTM shipments this week until Saturday. The following week, the focus will be on VCO and power supply kits. If there is time, I also want to ship some MOTM-510 kits and 4 or 5 MOTM-650s. I will have 4 days off from "real work" over Memorial Day so there is some time to catch up there (although wife wants to clean out garage & attic for yard sale). I know I've been slogging a bit this month MOTM-wise, but the good news is that the second half of the month is looking good.

Robert Rich is about to leave for his US tour, promoting a new DVD & CD soundtrack. A list of tour dates is at www.robertrich.com and the DVD will be at www.cdbaby.com on Saturday. There are 4 all-new MOTM tracks (each about 7min long) and 4 'remixes' with snippets of prior CDs, some with added MOTM backing tracks. Please help support Robert and MOTM by attending if you can, and by also purchasing the DVD (he spent 15 months on it!).

I am somewhat saddened by having to sell off my Moog 55 last week (it's on it's way to the EU as we speak), as the desire to understand what the heck Wendy Carlos was playing is what inspired me to switch from chemistry to EE (and believe me, my early EE grades were far from stellar and I made perfect scores in chemistry). But it's going to a happy home and now the space is free for my MOTM system (HA! cough cough).

Paul S.


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