Friday, March 02, 2007

MOTM 440 sound

So, how does it sound? Judge for yourself. I've posted a familiar bassline (familiar to those who listened to an earlier demo from me) and gave it the MOTM 440 treatment.
1 vco used, which sends a TRI wave on input 1 of the filter, a Pulse wave on input 2, and the MOTM 101 sends a noise source to input 3, i mix around with these a bit on the 440. The pulse width of the PULSE wave is modulated by an LFO, and so is the cut of frequency of the 440. However I keep tweaking the Freq, and REs knobs on the filter, a little.
The whole deal has a little delay and reverb mixed in for good measure, but other than that nothing. Enjoy.
It can be found in my MOTM sound sample link to the right :-)

Oh just in case you forgot, the original recording was done with a 420 filter, A B comparison illustrates the different characters of these filters, where the 420 is squelchier, the 440 sounds fatter and smoother. I love both. :-)


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