Wednesday, February 28, 2007

MOTM 440

I have finished my MOTM 440 module. For those of you who aren't entirely familiar with this module, in short it is a discrete VCF that mimics the filter used in the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 v2 synthesizer.
I don't own a P5, so I can't compare it, but what I do know is that is sounds really nice :-)
I am going to post pictures of this filter being build soon, as I made a few during it's construction.
I did come across two issues that I did not experience before. First was that I ran out of organic solder, and second was that some holes were a bit to tight. Let me explain:
This particular module is probably the most populated circuit board from all the modules I've made so far, on the same area as some other modules, there are loads more components, including 13 transistors, and 14 IC's! It came with just as much organic solder as all other modules I've build, and I ended up running out during one of the final stages of using this type of solder, about 5 transistors into adding the ehh well transistors, one of the final steps before switching to non clean solder.
Lucky though that from previous kits, I had enough left over, in fact, one roll was hardly used so it seemed, so I could finish the module without problems.
The second problem was having difficulty getting the jacks and pots in the holes on the front panel. I never had that before on these MOTM kits, and the problem was easily solved , it seemed the paint coating on this module is a little thicker, and after carefully scraping some out of the holes with a sharp knife, the pots went in, but not without first having a pot stuck in it's hole, and nearly snapping it of the pcb by accident when trying to push it back out carefully......
Anyway, all ended well, and I have a great new filter module to put through it's paces. :-) Piccies AND sounds to follow. :-)


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