Sunday, January 07, 2007

MOTM 101 kit

I recently reported that I received both the MOTM 440 kit, and the MOTM 101 kit. I've started on building the 101.
As with an earlier report of me on the MOTM 800, also the 101 instructions contain an ommision. If you are building a 101, pls make sure you also solder the TRU holes. These are small holes on the PCB connecting the circuits on the front and back of the board. They are smaller than any others and therefore easily identified, but to help you along here is a picture. There are some of these holes near the tip of the soldertool on the picture. Use the organic flux to solder these holes, and the best moment to do this is right after you soldered on all the IC's and other semiconductors. In most kits, this is the final step before continueing with the non clean solder.

So if you are building any kits, and it contains tru holes, if the manual doesn't mention it, DO solder them. That's what they are there for.


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