Thursday, December 21, 2006


The photo was taken a little while ago, before I received the LFO, but I still thought I'd post it. My modest synthesizer fully patched up, with beautifull patch cords, and set up to create a bass sound. I never thought analog could sound that good. Up to this moment, I'd always thought that besides the obvious advantages that a modular synth has in terms of flexibility and control, the sound would probably not be that dramatically different to that of my favorite 'software synths' and virtual analog synthesizers I own, boy was I wrong. This thing is great! It blows my humble (and analog) Korg Poly 800 clear out of the water in bottom end, clarity, signal to noise ratio etc. Compared to virtual analog synthesizers, is has more bottom end, it's more 'organic' , and has a sonic quality that is hard to describe, you must hear it to understand it, and hear it first hand, not through some compressed mp3 recording, so if you think some mp3 demo's sound impressive, wait until you hear it first hand.

Analog is great, and it will be great to use this baby live too!


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