Sunday, December 17, 2006

MOTM 440 and more.

This is the LP filter, based on the filter in the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.
I've received a happy e-mail that mine has shipped. Hooray. I've looked forward to this filter, and it's classic sound.
Many of you have probably heard the P5 without realising it at first, one of the first commercial tracks on which it was used was Phil Collins "In the air tonight", where a P5 provides the pad sound.
It's filter was a low pass only, but a very good one.
Strangely, at that time most synth manufacturers decided that a LP filter was all that was needed in poly synths, while mono synths usually had LP, HP and often BP too. A notable exception to this strange rule was the (newer) Elka Syntex, which had one of the best BP filters ever heard on a poly synth , and still can be counted among the very best.

I hope that Synthtech will release also a MOTM version of that Elka filter one day, it is great too, and can be heard (along with many of the factory presets actually) on Jean Michel Jarre's Rendezvous album.


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