Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cool sound experiments

If you want to see what sound harmonics LOOK like on a metal plate, check out THIS link.

How to do this yourself: get a thin metal plate, position this over a speaker, attach an MOTM synth (the VCO 300) will do nicely, sprinkle on some flour, or sugar, and tweak up the frequency, the higher the frequency, the more complex the patterns become, explanation on the same link.

Have fun, but be careful with your speakers, and your ears! :-)

For those who dare to go a step further, here is an experiment involving sound and FIRE!! :-)

By the way: I do not take any responsibility in any way shape or form, for the posting of these experiments, and the things that may happen to you, those who you care about, or your possesions, when trying this out. BE SAFE, and don't play the hero!


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